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TT Motorsports Optima Battery Box.  Fit's group size 34 and 78.  CAD Designs and CNC cut and formed.  Precision designed so that bottom and all 3 sides of the box are flat so  you can mount it against a bedside or chassis.  Laser cut 3/8" Bolt holes in premium locations so you can use standard hardware and it clears the battery.   Top retaining strap is CNC cut and formed to Hook into the box to retain the battery and is held in with just 2 stainless steel button head bolts and flanged nylock nuts. 


Corners of the bottom box MUST be fully welded prior to installation to assure that there is no failures or fatigue on the box.


The design of the box makes it very easy to install the battery and is held in with the top slotted holes of the box bent to hold battery in so load is on the entire box not just the retaining strap.


If interested in these as private label I can do production runs with YOUR LOGO YOU PROVIDE in the top retaining strap.  Email me if interested in doing that.



TT Motorsports Optima Battery Box Unwelded

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