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TT Motorsports is offering our Race Tacoma dual shock tower kit by itself for you to install on your truck.  These towers are setup for a dual shock and fits a 2.5 coilover and 3.0 bypass.  The top plate on the towers has 5 1/2" bolt holes so you can make a removable cross brace or attach anything that needs to be able to be removed from them.  All CNC cut out of 3/16" Steel.  This is a builder kit so you will receive the metal cut, holes drilled and bent for you to assemble. Sold as a pair for 1 truck.


Dimensions are follows (send email if need more specific dimensions) 


*****Designed to be trimmed and modified for your truck*****


Setup for shocks with 1/2" Bolt holes and 1-1/2" Shock spacing.


Shock bolt holes to top of frame with the rear of tower perpendicular to the top of the frame is the options. 


10.5" Wide outside of vertical lower tabs to outside.  My Tacoma kit I drill hole to run the UCA bolts through to gusset UCA tabs and towers to frame


Bypass tab has extension that goes onto side of frame.  Towers are 2-3/4" roughly from front edge to back edge of tower on rib that goes onto side of frame


The Tacoma Dual shock tower kit that I sell as an option for my Tacoma race kit is setup for 10" travel shocks and is 11" from top of frame to center of shock mounting holes.  


I have options for longer setups at 15" So you can trim them to fit your truck. 


I also have a custom length option available for up to 18" long towers from top of frame to shock mounting holes.   If select custom length I will send an email replay to the email provided on the order to get the custom length required. 


Please note that the 11" Shock tower kit has the window cut outs with 5/8" web around it.  The longer and custom length towers ONLY have the cutouts in same location as the tacoma kit so the cut out goes from top of tower down approx 11-1/4" so below that on custom lengths will be solid so you can trim as needed and still have material to weld fully to the top of the frame.





TT Motorsports Dual Shock Tower WIY Kit

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