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TT Motorsports 95 - 04 Toyota Tacoma Prerunner, 4x4 and 96-02 4runner Rack and Pinion, Rack Slider saver DIY Kit.


Designed for 1st gen Tacoma and 3rd gen 4Runner Prerunner and 4x4 Truck as well as 3rd gen Toyota 4Runner Rack and Pinion Slider System. 




Designed to replace the factory sway bar with a heavy 1 1/4" steel shaft support slider system with bronze bushings.  Simply drill 4 3/8" holes into factory sway bar mounts on the frame to install.   Comes with a new longer vertical rack and pinion center bolt that this mounts to as well with provided nut and washer.


Designed for heim inner steering clevis only with 1/2" bolt.


The product is a DIY WIY kit since the rack and pinions vary a slight bit and you want the provided 1.5" heavy wall tube with the provided 3/4" bolt to mount tight onto the threaded rack slider bolt.  The provided kit includes a 3" long 1/2" threaded 1" OD steel tube that you notch to length and weld to that provided 1 1/2" Heavy wall tube.  There is provided gussets for that junction so the factory rack and pinion is bolted solid to the 1 1/4" heavy steel tube to prevent the rack from flexing and causing failures and/or leaking.


-------------Installation Instructions---------------------


TT Motorsports 95 - 04 Toyota Tacoma / 96-02 4runner Rack and Pinion Slider Kit

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