TT Motorsports 49 inch and 60inch trailing arm Kits.  Available Welded or as a Weld it Yourself kit.  WIY Perfect Setup for your Prerunner, Rock Crawler, Trophy Truck or Offroad Vehicle.

Cad Designed and CNC Laser cut and Bent for superior fit and finish.

Tab and Slot Design make assembly a breeze.  Overlay plates add strength where it is needed without unnecessary weight by using thicker material than needed.

Main ribs are 3/16 Steel.  Trailing arm construction and Overlays are 10ga Plate.  Comes with 1 1/4" RH threaded bung.  Front Bushing Kit available for additional Cost.  Can be ran with Uniball front pivot as well with some very minor trimming.

Trailing arms are designed for 1.5" width shock spacers and 1/2" bolts.  Can be drilled for larger diameter bolts.   MUST USE +3" Longer lower shock eyelets to clear trailing arms


49inch links are 25 inch from front bushing center to Coilover.  and Have a 6 inch spread between shocks

These kits are a WIY kit consisting of the plates and Bung.  Shock Tubes will be up to fabricator to supply 1.75" and 3/4" OD Tubes to cut and assemble with supplied prints. 


Welded kits please allow 2 weeks before shipping or pickup.


Welded kits DO NOT COME with front Bushings welded on.  That is up to builder to set at correct angle and weld onto link.


Installation Instructions Click HERE

TT Motorsports 49 inch Trailing Arms

$1,200.00 Regular Price
$1,000.00Sale Price