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Our CAD Designs and cnc cut and bent Harbor Freight BADLAND 3 Ton Off-Road Jack Mount is designed with mounting holes so it can be mounted to any flat surface.  The jack mounts snug and is held in with the cross plate.  Has a 3/8" hole to use a lock or T-handle pull pin which is an option to purchase from us.  The Mounts also has a small laser cut hole that you can screw the lanyard for the t-handle pull pin to keep it from being lost once removed.  The Jack handle fits snugly into the base of the mounts and the jack mounted ontop of them keeps them in place and out of harms way.  Mount also has slots for you to add anti rattle straps if wanted, which are not included.   


The mount ships in bare cold rolled steel.  


You can weld the corners if you want for added strength and rigidity, it comes as pictured unwelded.




Fits the Harbor Freight BADLAND 3 Ton Off-Road Jack




Badland 3 Ton Off-Road Jack Mount

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